Arch-Heathen outlaws were exiles who were removed from the protection of the law. This meant that the outlaw could be beaten, stolen from, or killed outright without fear of legal retribution. In many cases, it was considered a death sentence. For more about the archaic outlaw, read this article.


Eric is a Disabled American Veteran, having served with honor in the USMC. He lives on ancestral land at the edge of the Great Plains in a rural community near central Missouri. Eric has two children, wife, parents, and little brother with whom he remains very close. His extended family (tribe) calls themselves the Ida Plainsmen. He is an IT Manager by trade, but enjoys writing, reading, gardening, forestry, bush-craft, leather-craft, visiting [IRL] with other tribes, and is an avid outdoorsman. Eric very much likes to enjoy his world while perched atop his steel horse.

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