Bob the Sane

Bob the Sane has been kicking around heathenry for more than 3 decades. Originally from New Mexico, he now lives in Indianapolis with his 4 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 awesome wife. He espouses a tribalist heathen philosophy, which rejects the need for large national organizations in favor of small tribal units and communities. He is (in)famously outspoken on numerous topics, and considers things like the "universalist vs. folkish debate", racism, and homophobia to be incredibly silly, if not downright counterproductive.

One thought on “Frith-weaver Fundamentals

  • Bernacus

    Help us Bob the Sane, you’re our only hope. The world is blanketed by the thick creamy, easily offended Special Snowflakes. Rockatru and Northern Tradition Wiccans Run amok in the absence of Middgards Mightiest Defenders. The Butthurt Flows in force As Grundir, Bil, Jill and Clovar have vanished from the realm. Leaving the remaining Asatru faithful without their monthly dose of “Real talk” Heathen Radio. .. On a small Blog, in the deeps of the Internet.. Bob the Sane continues on. The last of the Defenders. But can the league of Heathen fans get a signal through?? . . .” Bring Back Raven Radioooo Bob the Sane! “

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