5 More Books for New Heathens

This is essentially a “part two” to our previous list. These lists aren’t necessarily the most important books in Heathenry, but rather books that our staff felt would best establish a foundation for a Heathen worldview for those new to it. You’ll note the lack of Eddas and Sagas, and that’s for good reason: we feel that those writings are difficult to understand without the context of a Heathen worldview. In our view, it’s best that we understand how arch-Heathens thought, believed, and acted in order to understand those stories (and others).

Did we miss one? Let us know!



Bob the Sane

Bob the Sane has been kicking around heathenry for more than 3 decades. Originally from New Mexico, he now lives in Indianapolis with his 4 children, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 awesome wife. He espouses a tribalist heathen philosophy, which rejects the need for large national organizations in favor of small tribal units and communities. He is (in)famously outspoken on numerous topics, and considers things like the "universalist vs. folkish debate", racism, and homophobia to be incredibly silly, if not downright counterproductive.

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