Fame and reputation: Beowulf from "A Book of Myths"

Reputation and Fame

May 11, 2016 Eric 0

For the arch-Heathen, reputation was incredibly important. An argument can be made that it was so because fame is a […]

A sign that reads, "Welcome"

Heathen Hospitality

April 13, 2016 Eric 0

The arch-Heathens regarded hospitality as strongly as they did a gift. The arch-Heathen would set the table just as soon […]

Picture of a man walking up a serious of ballons.

Heathen Luck

March 30, 2016 Eric 0

Luck, known as hamingja, is the external manifestation of frith and honor. Heathen luck has nothing to do with chance. […]

Picture of signs which say "Right Way and Wrong Way"

Decoding Heathen Honor

February 17, 2016 Eric 0

References relating to honor can be found repeatedly in the primary sources as well as in contemporary writing. There is […]

Linked hands, symbolic of Frith

Regarding Frith

January 27, 2016 Eric 0

Frith is frequently translated as ‘peace,’ but it is not quite so easily defined. There is no single term in […]