Announcements is under new management. would like to annouce we are under new management. Rick Stevenson is stepping down as Editor in Chief and project leader. In his place, Bob the Sane will be taking the reins of Real Heathenry.
Bob the Sane has run the long lasting AsatruLore forum, helped start Raven Radio, and has a hand in several projects for Heathens by Heathens. To quote Bob the Sane “Hopefully my affable idiocy won’t sound the deathknell of this project!”

RealHeathenry’s mission is to publish easy-to-read articles introducing Heathen and arch-Heathen concepts to an audience that is unfamiliar with them. These articles are presented in as neutral a viewpoint as possible, without taking sides in any of the many debates found among modern Heathens.

Rick Stevenson will remain with Real Heathenry as Copy Editor. Rick’s skills in editing grammar and reducing unnecessary wording has been vital to the easy to read format of Real Heathenry’s articles.

Näf Andrewson will be the Creative Director, handling site related items, and coordinating with other sub-projects.

James Davey is Content Advisor who, when available will assist on making sure content is accurate and can be sourced to reliable references. Behind the scenes he has been vital in discussion of content prior to publication.

Namer, Ashli, Lars, and Eric will be Contributors continuing to provide content for our readers.

Joshua Riggs is joining Real Heathenry as it’s ‘Book Monger’. He will assist Näf on building an online library of books, articles and essays available in the creative commons and link to highly recommended titles – including deals and discounts provided by their distributors.

We hope you have enjoyed and found use with the information provided by Real Heathenry. Remember, it is time to stop playing and get real!


Näf marks the day Kurt Cobain's body was found when he began exploring Heathenry. Overly curious, and hopelessly optimistic Näf felt most of the first 12 years was "a waste of time". A car accident took him from a "token gesture Heathen" to renewing his methods, now he works on rebuilding the Elder Heathen worldview. Poor grammar, lazy editing, and lack of time has prevented Näf from blogging or writing much - however his drive to contribute and leave something for his kids to continue has led to him help others in his own way. Näf is the co-host of a new podcast coming called Tangentially Heathen. Näf went to school for emergency response and has worked in corrections, social work, sales and tech. Locally Näf started Nebraska Heathens United to teach the public about real Heathen values, beliefs and concepts. As well founded Flatvatn Aett a regional tribal tradition in SE Nebraska.

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